Heavy Stamping

Modineer offers a wide range of stamping options to meet your variety of machining needs. Numerous high-speed, coil-fed presses, ranging from 1500T to 100T, provide options to maximize efficiency based on tonnage requirements. Often, these stamping presses work in tandem with each other or are mated with other value-adding equipment such as machining centers or robotic weld cells. This variety of interworking machinery helps us meet the complex nature of our customers’ specifications.

Heavy Stamping Capabilities

For large stamped components, Modineer’s big press room provides customers with the flexibility to run parts either progressively or as an auto-transfer process, depending on the size and shape of the component. Our large bed size can accommodate long and wide parts or allow for a two-out die due to the spacious bed size of 240”.

Modineer is an industry leader in heavy stamped components. We specialize in components manufactured out of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and many other industrial materials. We provide components that are used for body application, external final assembly, internal body, and chassis components, as well as Class A undercarriage components.

Modineer maintains a full tool and dies division to manufacture progressive stamping dies, weld fixtures, and any other tooling that is required to continually deliver exactly what you need. Moreover, having this internal tool division gives us the ability to maintain tools, manage engineering changes, and address any die issues quickly and cost-effectively, without having to ship dies to an outside shop. This ensures that our customers’ programs are always on schedule.