Deep Draw Stamping

From small motor housings to large mower decks, Modineer has the equipment, people, and expertise to meet your one piece drawn forms requirements.

Deep drawing is a technology that produces parts that are often considered beyond the limits of ordinary stamping techniques. This technique offers solid advantages in unit cost, weight savings, and design flexibility. This process transforms flat or blank sheet metal into a hollow vessel. This vessel can be cylindrical or box-shaped with straight or tapered sides or a combination of straight, tapered, and curved sides. A stamping process is considered deep drawn stamping, or deep draw, when a part is pulled (drawn) into a die cavity and the depth of the recess equals or exceeds the minimum part width.

Deep drawn metal stamping components offer many benefits over other stamping operations, including:

  • One-piece construction
  • No seams or joints that could lead to weaknesses
  • Economical use of raw materials and less scrap
  • Complex shapes that are designed to be produced in one automated manufacturing process
  • Less costly tooling
  • Tight tolerances
  • Consistent part quality
  • Economical for high volume stampings
Deep Draw Machinery

Modineer Press Capabilities

  • From 50 tons to 1500 tons
  • Bed sizes up to 240” x 84”

We can help reduce development and production costs when we are involved in the design or redesign of a component. There are numerous industries that rely on deep drawn components

including automotive (HVAC, ABS, Transmission Cooling, Sunroofs, Window, and Door Systems), industrial, appliance, and lawn & garden.